Software Development

Eneo is able to deliver high quality software solutions for various environments – from  database-centric enterprise solutions to user friendly and modern looking web and mobile applications.
We develop software for you in three different engagement models. Choose the model that suits your needs best and relax while we turn your software problems into software solutions.

IT Consulting

You have software development department in your company, but sometimes your developers need an advice or a guidance? You want to invest in software or you need capable IT adviser for any other reason? You can trust Eneo experts! We offer consulting services in IT methodologies and IT technologies to software and other companies.

Academy, Training, Innovation

Eneo offers IT training (methodologies and technologies) to software and other companies.
Furthermore, Eneo has an internal IT Academy, focused on discovering, supporting and educating young talents. It proved to be very successful in retaining bright IT engineers, but also helped our senior engineers to optimize their overall approach.

Why Choose Us?

Eneo does effective, transparent nearshoring and outsourcing within budget and in time.

We develop advanced custom solutions for companies of all sizes in financial services, logistics, transport, education, tourism and other industries. We combine knowledge with local resource flexibility to develop industry’s top applications. Our applications help clients optimize their time table and reduce software development risks in critical systems.

Eneo is an ambitious software development company in the growing market of Balkan. With highly skilled, experienced and talented software engineers of Bosnia and Herzegovina combined with the industry knowledge we gained while working with companies in Austria and through relations with our international clients, Eneo has the technical skills and liability to deliver applications on time and on budget – each and every time.

  • We use modern tools and technologies.
  • We are big enough to answer your software development needs and to give personal service, but not too big to get lost in administration procedures and miscommunication.
  • You, the customer, will own all copyright once the project is paid for, not only a license to use the system.
  • The system will be all new code built with standard tools and libraries – unless you wish differently.
  • When requirements are being defined, you will communicate with a person who has thorough development experience.
  • Our software writes detailed logs. You’ll always stay in control of your software solutions.

Work with us

At ENEO, we are at service to our clients through the use of three engagement models that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. You are welcome to choose one of our models or make a combination, depending on the project phase and needs.

Devoted Developers Model

Developers working exclusively for you (Time&Materials Contract)

Project Based Model

Billing based on fixed price for completion of the entire project

Development Center Model

A specially assembled team which is dedicated to developing your software – carefully planned arrangement.